Member Spotlight

Vista Points Special Needs Trusts & Resource Center provides four pillars of service for people of any age living with an intellectual, mental, or physical disability.

People come to Vista Points, Inc. for guidance, referrals, and trustee services.  A special needs trust allows a person to preserve personal assets from savings, an inheritance, a law suit settlement, etc. and be eligible to qualify or maintain much-needed government benefits. 

The company’s primary pillar is in its fiduciary role as trustee for three types of trusts:  the Pooled Special Needs Trust, the First Party Special Needs Trust and the Third Party Supplemental Needs Trust.  Vista Points’ staff works directly with the beneficiary (the person living with a disability) in an effort to help the beneficiary live a good quality of life.  This is the company’s second pillar.

The third pillar is the work Vista Points executes with professionals who work with people living with disabilities.  Vista Points can provide information and material to the professionals as well as refer potential clients to them.  The company has a national resource center where the staff can refer a caller to a specific professional service.  
The last pillar is the advocacy work Vista Points performs.  The Vista Points staff works with various organizations to advocate for and on behalf of people living with a disability.

For more information, please contact the Vista Points office at    888-422-4076 or via email at